Hair Care

Wow styling Hair length Price- AED
Hair cut125
Hair Trim80
Blow dryS/M/L/V. Long100/125/175/225
Styling basicS/M/L/V. Long150/200/250/300
Styling advancedM/L350/400
Children hair cut50
Hair wash30
Wow professional technical coloring by Kemon - Italy ( permanent and demi permanent ) Hair length Price- AED
Roots color220
Hair color correctorS/M/L/V. Long250/300/350/450
Hair coloringS/M/L/V. Long275/375/475/700
Highlight / low light half headS/M/L350/400/450
Highlight / low light full headS/M/L/V. Long400/500/600/700
Hair Coloring (Nayo-Yoghurt based color)S/M/L/V. Long330/450/570/840
Yo-Cond TreatmentS/M/L/V. Long250/300/350
Hair mask with steam bathS/M/L100/150/200
Kera Fibra (Filler Lifting Treatment)S/M/L250/350/450
Keratin treatmentS/M/L1700/2250/3000
Wow extension Hair length Price- AED
Hair extension (by glue)25
Hair extension (by sticker)38/50/60
Extension removal by piece ( From another salon )10
Nashi Treatment Hair length Price- AED
Phyto Repair Collagen TreatmentS/M/L250/350/450
Nashi ArganS/M/L/V. Long150/200/250/300
Kevin Murphy Hair length Price- AED
Kevin MurphyS/M/L250/350/450